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Small Cell

The public and private sectors will require indoor wireless infrastructure to conduct its normal business activities and will also enable them to sector to deploy its networks more efficiently.

In 2018, 82% of all wireless infrastructure installed were small cells. Through its private public partnership Smart City strategy and increasing demand for connectivity access, AWIS designs the most efficient shared Digital Infrastructure Strategy that promotes economic development for the public sector and meets the private sector demand for digital infrastructure. Our dedicated or mesh Small Cell solutions offers a less expensive, flexible and comprehensive network solution that can be used in conjunction with other digital infrastructure. Through our private/public partnerships we can ensure Small Cell site compliance, meeting local requirements and preserving aesthetic, environmental and historical surroundings.

Indoor Small Cells

Indoor Small Cells extend coverage in high traffic and capacity constrained places such as universities, popular tourist attractions, stadiums, concert venues, convention centers, hospitality environments and different large meeting spaces. This service allows the public to use their different devices to their full capacity wherever they go. The public and private sectors will require indoor wireless infrastructure to conduct its normal business activities. The wireless infrastructure will enable the government and private sector to deploy its networks more efficiently.

Outdoor Small Cells

Outdoor small cells allow extended coverage, capacity and flexibility. AWIS provides a service to federal, state and local governments that can support multiple service providers, networks with virtually unlimited capacity, easy configuration, support for growing bandwidth demands and proximity for enhanced speed. The success of building a Smart City is in how the shared neutral fiber and wireless digital infrastructure is efficiently deployed.

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